Enthusiastic, friendly and proactive, Emily’s aim is to show clients how exciting East Sussex is as a place to live and work, with fantastic opportunities available to business owners to help them grow, through both financial and non-financial support.

How long have you worked for the organisation?

I have worked for Let’s Do Business Group for five years. I’ve been very lucky, having been able to learn new skills and train-up in business knowledge. In the future, my plans include skilling-up further in Management and completing an MBA – allowing me to further help clients to the best of my ability.

What does your role at Business East Sussex entail?

I’m an ambassador for the Young Apprenticeship programme – so part of my role is to visit schools across the county, and mentor students about the opportunities available to them, support them with college applications and help them to set career goals. I’m always on the hunt for potential apprentices!

I work across two of the contracts, Business East Sussex and Locate East Sussex as a Business Navigator. My day-to-day role is helping business owners with advice and support, and I work very closely with other providers in East Sussex to ensure I refer all my clients onto the best service for them.

I’m often out and about visiting clients across the county, which is great because I get to see first-hand the unique and innovative businesses East Sussex has to offer – I’m really driven by the sheer passion of the clients I meet on a daily basis and it makes every day different.

Even if it’s just a cup of tea and chat to help you find the right service or 12-hours business support, I’m always happy to help!

What’s your favourite thing about your role as a Business Navigator?

My highlight is a hard one to pinpoint – I guess it’s a perk of the job that I get to meet new, inspiring people on a daily basis. This can vary from aspiring entrepreneurs, to already-trading business owners. It’s interesting to see so many exciting, fresh businesses coming forward and taking advantage of the opportunities present to grow within the county.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about starting up?

Make the most of the support available. Within the Let’s Do Business Group, there are many resources to help businesses achieve growth.

From the support of Business East Sussex, a one-stop-shop for specialist business advice and support, to Locate East Sussex, the official inward investment agency for the county to the Start Up Loan team, delivering alternative finance for businesses that have been trading less than two years – a resource that is becoming increasingly important in the face of the decline in bank lending to SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises).

Peacehaven, East Sussex

Our non-financial support across the Let’s Do Business Group gives clients the opportunity to work with our team of business advisors, including myself, where we can help create a business plan, look at the cashflow, marketing and more.

What do you think makes East Sussex an exciting place to grow a business?

East Sussex has a huge amount of support available to start-ups and SMEs which encourages a lot of entrepreneurs to follow their passion. East Sussex is not only an ideal place to work, there is a lifestyle balance too, which is what sells.

It provides a breath of fresh-air in comparison to city life, where weekends can consist of beach days and walks exploring the county’s the scenic countryside.

All in all, it’s a great place to do business, but most importantly a great place to call home.


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