Situated in the idyllic Sussex countryside, Timberdeal and sister company, An Earthy Timber, offer customers cutting-edge, unique wooden furniture with a twist. 

With over forty years of expertise in the field behind them, co-owners Anna and Adam have the extraordinary gift of revolutionising wooden planks into naturally beautiful bespoke wooden surfaces, often described as works of art.

The team specialise in high-end creation of kitchen islands, bars, bathroom counters and timber feature walls as well as tables and worktops. Ensuring they cater to all clients, An Earthy Timber focuses on more luxurious pieces, with projects tailored specifically for customers with a higher budget.

The businesses both offer an all-in-one service: sourcing the timber, vacuum kiln drying and finely handcrafting all of their rustic pieces, directly from the workshop in Plumpton, Lewes.

With their company cars failing to endure journeys to off-road sites, the co-owners got in touch with Business East Sussex. It had previously been a challenging experience to collect wood from customers in forestry locations. Paired with their strong ambition to be unique from other manufacturers, they strived to be able to purchase more timber that is locally-sourced and in-keeping with their environmentally-friendly ethos.

With the help of Business East Sussex, the originally physically demanding task of sourcing the wood has been made possible with a far smoother ride. Awarded a South East Business Boost Grant, this enabled Anna and Adam to purchase a specialist 4×4 truck highly capable of accessing strenuous terrain conditions, on-road or off-road.

Complete with a protected undercarriage to clear logs, rocks and uneven ground, this ensures the vehicle is eager and ready for any woodland venture. The vehicle is additionally equipped with a specially fitted winch, which will not be damaged by stone and rock, making journeys to remote locations more accessible than ever before.

Speaking to Anna regarding the application process, she said it was an  “absolute breeze, from the first stage of applying to receiving the SEBB grant. The new vehicle has been great for our business growth, and now we have the opportunity to expand our services to timber grading so we can continue to expand our client base”

What has always been the prime origin of the brand’s success is the emphasis placed on originality. Differing from rivals in the field, Timberdeal and an Earthy Timber have design skills which thrive upon ‘imperfections’ that boldly define their unique products. Defects in timber are seen as quirks that are far from imperfect and knots, in-grown bark and splits are transformed into key features of the design.

 “the more challenging a trees life may be, whether struck with honey fungus or other diseases, the more beautiful figuring and features it will have.”

The timber is transformed into authentic pieces that are only flawed by its endless character, rustic design and life-long expectancy. As sustainability is the life-blood of their business, the team will only source wood from Sussex-based Salvage Yards and Farm Community Trusts – creating pieces that are built to last, not just for life, but for generations.

The highly advanced and eco-friendly kiln-drying chamber used by the business reduces the timber’s moisture level to 10% or less in order to provide wood suitable for internal use. Essential for water expulsion and air circulation, kiln drying results in an efficient and effective way to harmlessly dry the wood.

In contrast to the traditional process of air drying, this way the wood planks are stabilised and will not warp or twist later on. By distributing kiln dried British timber, manufacturers increase value to the supply chains, most importantly, reducing carbon footprint by replacing imports. In adopting this approach, our earthy forests will continue to thrive for years to come.


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