When it comes to having the skills to turn a start-up into a success, men and women begin on a level playing field. However, only one in five small and medium-sized businesses are being run by women, meaning men still heavily outnumber women in entrepreneurship.

According to The BBC, more than 1000 businesses are launched daily in Britain and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) support more than 16 million jobs.

Out of these businesses, only 27% of full-time chief executives and senior officials were women in the year 2018. The results from a recent study,  The Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship also show that women are half as likely to start an enterprise – and out of those surveyed, just 8.6% of women planned to start a business in the next three years, in comparison to 14.3% of men.

A question that begs an answer – why is this?

There are several reasons why men rank higher as business owners, including further findings that women are 55% more likely than men to cite they fear ‘going it alone’.

Deputy CEO of NatWest and leader of The Rose Review, Alison Rose, said:

“Some of the findings are stark but by shining a spotlight on the issues and outlining the barriers and opportunities, the aim is to support the full potential of every woman who has the entrepreneurial spirit and ambition to start or scale their business. Today is just the beginning.”

Alison Rose

To break down these hierarchies, more support is needed to help female entrepreneurs realise their potential.

As a result, Let’s Do Business Group is teaming up with NatWest to launch a new programme based in Hastings, aiming to support aspiring female leaders to become their own boss and start-up a business.

Previous studies reinforce the positive impact of enterprise training, which highlight that women who have undergone some form of business support are twice as likely to be engaged in entrepreneurial activity (GEM UK 2005).

Her Biz is hoping to attract more women to take on the world of business, launching a programme designed specifically for women in East Sussex to start and establish their businesses with sessions taking place on 27 June and 4 & 11 July 2019.

What’s more, the applicant with the most promising business plan will WIN £1000 to help towards start-up costs.

Helena Joyce

Programmes like these are essential to inspire women to unlock their potential if we are to tackle the gender gaps in entrepreneurship and be innovative, where momentum can be diminished without the right support.

Courses like Her Biz can genuinely make a difference, providing a platform for women to build confidence and transform their business idea into reality.

The programme will deliver talks from impressive female entrepreneurs and expert business advisers including Helena Joyce  who describes the course as “a platform to put the confidence back into aspiring business women. Lack of belief in ability is one of the biggest barriers faced by budding female entrepreneurs today”

This is proven through the statistics: only 39% of women feel they are capable of running a business, in comparison to 55% of men. While confidence is a recurring issue, ability is not.

As Professor Susan Marlow, of Nottingham University Business School explains:

“All the evidence shows that there aren’t any significant performance differences between businesses run by men and women. When they do become entrepreneurs, women are just as good at it as men.”

By the end of the course, you will feel empowered with the confidence in your own ability to turn your business idea into reality. On completion, you will have a full-length business-plan paired with a clear vision of your goals, with the steps in place to achieve them.

The course runs over three group sessions in the St.Leonards offices, where participants will join like-minded women who will each receive up to 12 hours free business support, covering everything from marketing and PR to accounting and finance, as well as tackling confidence issues – giving you the tools and mindset to become a successful, female entrepreneur.

If you have the ambition to take a business idea further, why not apply?

To find out the criteria and to begin your application, click here to view our EventBrite page.


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